Friday, January 23, 2009

Some more multilingual jokes

  • My colleague irritated me a bit and I said: "yeh insaan nahin, insane hain".
  • A short argument with my colleague:
    C1: Change is the only constant thing
    I: No
    C1: How can you prove it?
    I: Then why do we have second order derivatives.
  • One of my colleagues with a strong penchant for using A-rated words had a punch too.
    C1: Why do you folks disturb RK, "yeh itna acchaa kaam kar rahaa hain?"
    C2: Is this Hindi kaam (work) or Sanskrit kaam (eroticism)
    I: It is English calm. Just shut up.
  • Another interesting conversation
    C1: Rama, you are not the real "Sandeep"
    I: Why?
    C1: Sandeep must be written as "Sundeep" or "Sondeep"
    I: That way your name must be spelt as "Runveer" and not "Ranveer"

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